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DCF Grant Focus Shift in 2020 – Continues in 2021

In April, when our community began to feel the pandemic’s impact, the DCF Board froze all requests for Community Enrichment Grants in order to focus those funds ($10,000 annually) toward COVID-19 response and recovery. Through a streamlined application process, we began awarding grants to support local response and recovery activities. Additionally, the DCF applied and received 4 grants totaling $26,000 to provide needed assistance in Derby: Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas-$10,000; Kansas Health Foundation-$10,000; Evergy-$5,000; Shelter Insurance Foundation (Tim Hicks, local agency)-$1,000 (and several gifts from individual donors).

Following are the COVID-19 Response and Recover Grants awarded as of December 1:

  • Derby Food Pantry: Food Items ($110.16, $158.76, $118.60)

  • USD 260 Food Service: Farmers to Families Program ($480)

  • USD 260 Food Service: Mister Fans for Curbside Lunch Delivery ($476)

  • Derby Senior Services: Meals on Wheels/Activities for Seniors ($2,500)

  • Derby Recreation Commission: Oaklawn Activity Center After School Program ($2,500)

  • Guadalupe Clinic: Support Telemedicine Visits for Derby Residents ($2,500)

  • Salvation Army: Utility Assistance Program for Derby Residents ($2,500)

We will continue to support the frontline organizations that are providing services to help the Derby area respond and recover from the impact of COVID-19 on our community as long as grant funds are available.

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