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A Lasting Legacy

Impact Your Community for Generations to Come

Charitable giving can be a powerful part of estate planning, but with all the possible vehicles for ensuring your philanthropic legacy, it can be difficult to know where to start.


Leaving a small portion of your estate in a charitable fund with the Derby Community Foundation, you will create a legacy that will benefit generations to come.

Through the power of endowment, funds established at the Derby Community Foundation allow your family’s name and charitable aspirations to live forever – creating a stable, enduring legacy to benefit future generations. We welcome the opportunity to help you create this legacy. 

Legacy Society Members

Our Legacy Society includes but is not limited to the following members. Members of the Legacy Society have one thing in common: all have made a commitment to support the future of their community through an estate gift to Derby Community Foundation.


They have other things in common as well. They have worked hard, saved wisely and invested well. They understand the power of endowment. And they know that the assets they leave to the community will continue to grow, supporting good works for generations to come.

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