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Legacy Gift from Jim Coffey

Updated: May 26, 2021

Longtime Derby resident Jim Coffey passed away in April. The local insurance agent was a former member of the DCF Board of Directors, serving from 2012 to 2015, and a part of the foundation’s Legacy Society – a group intent on leaving estate gifts with the DCF to benefit the Derby area.

The Legacy Society was created in 2013, with Jim Coffey as one of the first to join – and his legacy gift of $10,000 came in the form of an insurance policy with the designated beneficiary being the DCF.

Part of that $10,000 gift will go toward the Derby Area Veterans Memorial while the other part (to be split evenly) will go toward the DCF operating budget. Considering the current situation, Hearn noted the gift will have an immediate impact when it comes to supporting the foundation’s operations.

Jim Coffey was heavily involved in the Derby Area Veterans Memorial-Walk of Freedom from the start, with a station paying tribute to the families of military veterans created as the result of a gift from Coffey. Originally intended to honor his late wife, Sarah, a bronze sculpture (“Patriotic Boy”) was installed along the memorial walk as a tribute to all veterans’ families. A photo featuring Coffey’s three sons in military fatigues sits at the base of that statue.

We are hopeful that Jim Coffey’s legacy gift will spur others to leave something behind in support of the community.

Jim was a quiet giant in the Derby community. He was involved in supporting so many causes in Derby, but worked quietly behind the scenes, never seeking recognition for his good works. His legacy gift to the DCF is an example of how much Jim loved his community; by providing a gift from his estate he has forever made a positive impact on Derby.

Please contact the DCF if you are interested in joining the Legacy Society.

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