Spirit of Philanthropy Award

About This Award

As part of the Derby Community Foundation’s current Strategic Plan, we have added a new annual award in 2023. The Spirit of Philanthropy Award was created to recognize someone who uses the Derby Community Foundation as the vehicle for their philanthropic efforts. One of the primary functions of the Community Foundation is to be a conduit for connecting generous people with the needs of the community.

2023 Honoree


Vicki Decarsky

For the inaugural year of this award, the Community Foundation Board of Directors couldn’t think of a better recipient than Vicki Decarsky.

Vicki and her late husband, Tomp, established the Decarsky Scholarship with the Community Foundation in 2010. Through this renewable scholarship, she has assisted nearly 40 Derby High School graduates pursue their academic dreams. Vicki is also an advocate of continuing education in all forms and has provided support for Derby youth pursuing technical certifications at area community and technical schools.

Through her donor advised fund, Vicki has been instrumental in bringing 3, soon to be 4, therapy dogs to Derby schools. She’s also supported a variety of local initiatives including the Derby Giving Circle’s project to provide books to all second-grade students; the Derby Historical Museum’s renovation projects; the Derby Police Department’s program to support victims of domestic violence; bus transportation for area 1st graders to attend children’s theatre performances; and countless other efforts.

Past Honorees

No past honorees yet.